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Tissue Memory Release (TMR)

When a body experiences sudden, violent movement (for example, in a fall or car crash) the nervous system can retain a memory of it. Tissue memory is primitive and instinctual (different from mental memory) and affects the balance of tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments. These imbalances can affect your ability to move easily and feel well.  Strangely, tissue memory does not fade with time, and I am often able to find decades old events still affecting the body.

Similar to how the nervous system remembers trauma from sudden events, it also remembers trauma resulting from overuse (ie, from certain athletic activities or repetitive work positions and movements). 

Tissue memory explains why things often seem to "slip back" after chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy or massage; these treatments address tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, but not the underlying cause.  I use certain bodywork techniques to locate and trigger the release of tissue memory and allow muscles, tendons and ligaments to resume a normal balance of tension. This approach tends to find hidden and unusual causes and resolve them efficiently so that ongoing treatment is not necessary.