"Just wanted to let you know that your work of my right arm from last session worked! I was skeptical when you said that my arm was out of alignment in its socket, or something like that, and you'd realigned it, and to give it three days.

Well, I gave it a week, and then I went swimming. It is definitely realigned and has not given me any problem like it was before. I am still taking it a little easy, and I haven't swum as far as I did before the injury, but  the muscle is drastically different to the touch than it was before -- I can feel the fibers and texture of it when before it literally felt like stone. So thank you, and I am so happy that it feels healed. My trust with you increases with every session. "

bodywork for accident trauma, Charlottesville VA

Ginseng root (Panax ginseng)

Chinese medicine in Charlottesville, VA
acupuncture for car accident trauma, Charlottesville VA

"I suffered with back pain for over a year. It got so bad that at one point I could barely walk, and when I did I was so bent over I looked like someone who had had a stroke or something. I went to my doctor and she did bloodwork and it showed nothing. She then sent me to a specialist – she did bloodwork and nothing. I spent a whole lot of money for nothing. And then a coworker of mine told me about Robert Clickner and he suggested that I go see him. After the first visit he had figured out what my problem was. It stemmed from multiple car accidents that I had been in. He figured out that my muscles had been damaged and he somehow miraculously started getting my back to a point where I stood much straighter. The pain was gone and I can even run again. Robert Clickner was a Godsend for me, and I am so truly grateful that God sent me to him."

"After I broke two fingers my hand remained very stiff, swollen and painful, even 5 weeks later. The cast was off and I was in a pressure wrap facing weeks of physical therapy. I happened to be visiting my grandchildren in Charlottesville and decided to see what Robert Clickner could do to accelerate my recovery. He gently moved my hand using his special techniques. The swelling started to subside before my eyes and I was suddenly able to move my fingers without pain! So exciting to me! I was practically giddy. The treatment didn't hurt at all -- it felt really good, actually. I live in Florida and want to figure out how to get him down here to help my friends with all their aches and pains!"

"I was introduced to Robert Clickner by one of my martial arts students about 4 years ago. As a result of a surgery several years ago and the normal wear and tear involved in martial arts training, I had a problem with the alignment of my jaw. Visits to both my M.D. and Dentist brought the same conclusion -- surgery would be required to correct the problem. During my first visit, Bob used cranial manipulation techniques and my jaw was aligned better that it had been in at least 10 years. My dentist was amazed with the results.Since then I have used Bob's services several times always with great results. I recommend him to all of my students."

"When I first discovered Bob Clickner I knew I had found a gem. My historical lower back pain was permanently eliminated and over the years, as sports injuries or other issues have taken me back to Bob, I have been continuously impressed with his thoroughness, breadth of knowledge and creative non invasive methods to address the health of the body. I have referred many people to Bob and in every case, I get a sincere thank you and know that the referred individual is truly grateful." 

"I wish I had come to see him sooner!"  

"Once again, Bob has figured out one of my weird malaises that present somewhat vague symptoms
...which to me are the worst kind..I feel terrible, but no one knows why!! Bob figures them out and treats accordingly. I have been on an continuously upward trend of wellness for the past 2+ years (since I started seeing him). I was struggling with daily living before I started seeing him...I am close to 100% wellness now, not something I have had in many years!"

"Finding my way to your door has changed my life.
Five years ago, I was basically disabled from chronic, complicated migraines. I could not drive because of severe dizziness; I could not walk without keeping my hand on a wall because through my eyes and senses, the world looked upside down and bounced. My thoughts would become disorganized and words would come out of my mouth that did not match what I was trying to verbalize. The head pain and pressure and the sound and light sensitivity added to my nightmare. It took western doctors 6 months to finally give me a migraine diagnosis and another 3 months to get me to a doctor who put me on medication after medication that made me depressed, lethargic, and sometimes sicker. I was able to function, but my creativity and spirit seemed stolen from me. They could not tell me why this was happening to me and they could not tell me IF it would ever stop.  Then I found your door. You have treated me with respect and generosity. Together, we have found some causes - a bad car accident, severe stress and mental trauma - and treatments to care for each cause. I have now been off all medications for 6 months and migraine-free for 4 months! It took work and partnership, but you walked with me the entire time."

"I refer to him as 'The Foot Whisperer'!"

I would just like to say thank you for all the help you've given my dad.
He was busting out some moves during the father/daughter dance at the wedding on Saturday and he totally attributed it to your work on his knees and ankles. So thank you!!!!!!!

"I wanted to tell you that ever since I had that acupuncture treatment, I am not having anywhere near as much water retention as I had before.....it is so great!!!
....Plus, I had SO much energy right afterward that lasted for days....and I actually feel pretty energized still.....it just feels like my body is working more like it should....it is wonderful! Thanks again for all your help....I feel we are really on the right track to getting my body fully healthy again.....and I am so excited about that!"

"My neck has entirely recovered, and I attribute it all to the 'emergency' treatment you gave me last weekend, and I am deeply grateful! Thank you for making that extra effort with me -- it made all the difference."

"I used to have back trouble all the time and had to keep seeing the chiropractor like once a month. Since I've known Bob, about 5 years, I almost never have back trouble. It's amazing. I call him the Back Master. I get on his table, and fall asleep, and when I wake up I'm fixed! I'm telling you, if you have anything going on with your back, go see Bob."

"After two long years of excruciating abdominal pains and multiple sonograms and ultrasounds and small bowel follow-throughs,
the UVA Medical Center finally located a constriction in my small intestine that they said needed to be surgically removed. I myself saw the constriction on their computer. I was scheduled for surgery even though I was frightened of the next layer of complications to that surgery: adhesions, additional surgeries, infections from the surgery...or from exposures while in the hospital! As a last effort, I turned to acupuncture and alternative treatment. Mr. Clickner began treating me. Although at his recommendation I kept my appointment for the surgery, I kept pushing it back as we worked with acupuncture, diet, and herbs. I began to improve slowly at first and then rapidly. Within four months my pain was completely gone. My internist suggested a repeat small bowel follow-through at UVA . The results stunned and confounded the UVA doctors who had to tell me, 'The constriction is simply gone.' I am IMMENSELY grateful to Mr. Clickner!"

"I could not have stopped smoking without the aid of Robert Clickner. He listened well to my needs and was very patient, kind and understanding which put my mind as ease. I found the acupuncture stopped my cravings, and helped reduce my tension and stress. This has given me a new lease on life. I am now in control and the cigarettes no longer have power over me."

​"I am an orthopaedic surgeon, and came to see Bob about some low back pain.
I had a car accident as a teenager and also have bilateral pars defects with a mild L5-S1 slip; I have had back pain off and on but have never done anything treatment-wise, other than stay in shape. I was, ironically, on my spine surgery rotation and my back pain was acting up. Bob gave me two 45-minute treatments. After the first treatment session, he asked, when I had my car accident at 16, whether the car had been hit from the left side (which it had) and then explained the patterns of tension he was feeling. Two days later, he gave me a second session. It was mildly uncomfortable for me to lie on my back during that time, but the treatment itself was not uncomfortable. Since the day after that second session my back pain has been drastically better, even in long surgeries."

"I have no idea how Robert Clickner does what he does, how he discovers what's not working right in your body and treats it with such subtle techniques. All I know is I'm feeling so much better. My posture is completely different, my sleep deep and restful, my movement easier. I feel like my body is working as it was meant to. I can't remember when I last felt so natural and comfortable in my body."

"He's a miracle worker!"

"A couple years ago, while parking a small sports car, I was hit from behind by a Chevy Suburban at about 20+ mph. Went to see Bob Clickner and internal shoulder injury and whiplash were healed in 3 treatments instead of 12 chiropractic sessions, and it was covered 100% by my car insurance. Bob was familiar with my love of working out at the gym and incorporated strength conditioning exercises to speed recovery. The personal and unique attention to one's whole life is the kind of service Bob Clickner is all about giving...a rarity in today's world. On another occasion Bob treated my knee to help break up residual scar tissue from a sports accident and surgery from 10 years prior. During the same treatment he also ended up addressing my chronic sinus pressure, which had been preventing me from sleeping fully at night. In one session he completely opened up my nasal passages so that I breathe more fully and can sleep with my mouth closed all through the night. Helps alleviate snoring and aids a more restful sleep. Moreover it has probably affected my breathing as a runner and my ability to go long distances."

"My husband was in miserable pain with his back, and Bob offered to see him as an emergency on a weekend. I remember as he drove off to his appointment he couldn't even turn his head -- he could barely move -- I really should have driven him! When he got home he could turn his head again, and his pain was much reduced. Over the next few hours the treatment really took effect and the pain all but disappeared. We tell everyone with back pain to make an appointment with Bob."

"I came to see Robert Clickner after my car accident and he helped me feel so much better. Took care of all residual effects (whiplash, painful shoulder) which were affecting my ability to work. Just three or four visits took care of everything."

Robert Clicker has been my long time back doctor. I suffer from sciatica with back and leg pain. He does adjustments on my back and on several occasions acupuncture. Not only has he helped me but my son and daughter. Once my daughter had a horrible fever from a virus after modern medicine didn’t help I called he came to my house, within an hour he had her temperature down from 103 F to normal and it did not return. I can’t say just how great he is, you will not go wrong if you call him.

Bob has a gift for finding the source of your pain, even if it began more than 30 years ago! But he doesn't stop there -- he actually treats that 30-year-old problem. He's awesome!