Health Insurance and Acupuncture: FAQs

Do you take health insurance?

At this time I do not participate with any health insurance policies or file on a patient's behalf. I do provide an invoice with medical codes which you may submit to your insurance company. Every insurance policy is different -- some of my patients have been successful in receiving reimbursement for treatment -- so check with yours to see what they cover.

Do you accept Benny cards (medical savings account payment)?

Yes, this is a great way to cover most of your treatment. The Benny card will not cover the cost of herbs, however.

I've heard car insurance might cover treatment?

Yes, I've found if you're coming in for treatment to help with whiplash or other auto accident trauma, you can submit your invoices to the insurance company dealing with the claim for full reimbursement.

What about workman's compensation?

Yes, I am willing to work with your workman's compensation coverage. I have had patients whose treatment is 100% covered by workman's compensation, but it takes an effort to make this happen.