Fertility treatment


Chinese Medicine, and acupuncture specifically, is often credited with helping women become pregnant -- and carry to term -- who have been having a difficult time doing so. Robert Clickner has studied women's fertility and pregnancy issues and helped a number of his patients with issues in these areas. Over the past 15 years since he has been in practice, he has seen a significant number of cases where treatment directly contributed toward successful pregnancy.

How fertility treatment works

There can be many hidden reasons why one is struggling to get or stay pregnant. During your initial visit, Bob will look at your whole health, including past injuries, lifestyle, diet, etc. Treatment may involve addressing something seemingly unconnected -- a car accident 10 years prior, for example. Acupuncture will likely be part of treatment; it helps the body functions work normally and improves overall health so you can support a pregnancy.

Of course there are no guarantees, but by getting old traumas cleared from your body and helping all its processes to function optimally, your chances of becoming and staying pregnant do increase. This treatment is also an excellent complement to IVF and other conventional fertility treatment.

Acupuncture for fertility, Charlottesville VA