Acupunture for sports injuries, Charlottesville VA

What techniques do you use?

Treatment of sports injuries involves a customized combination of techniques including: Tui Na Chinese bodywork, American manual techniques, acupuncture, and/or therapeutic exercises.

Some of the techniques Bob uses are not normally taught in acupuncture school -- Bob received this training in an intensive post-graduate apprenticeship with his martial arts teacher, Vince Black, who had trained with a number of martial arts masters in China and Taiwan and gradually come to gain their medical knowledge.

Important to treatment will be consulting on your history of injuries, even childhood tumbles off the jungle gym or car accidents. Old trauma can be playing a part in your current pain, even if it happened to a different part of the body. Those old areas will be treated, in addition to new injuries.

Chinese Sports Medicine

What's different from regular sports medicine?

There is a lot of overlap with Western approaches to sports injuries, but there are some significant differences. One difference is that in Chinese sports medicine icing is not used. In treating sports injuries, Chinese medicine employs herbal liniments, poultices and plasters, acupressure, massage and acupuncture, therapeutic exercises, internal herbs and dietary modifications. Some advantages of Chinese sports medicine are (1) little or no need for anti-inflammatories, (2) faster healing times, (3) more complete healing, and (4) reduced susceptibility to reinjury if done right.

What does Chinese sports medicine treat?

Chinese sports medicine treats soft tissue injury (sprains, strains, bruising and inflammation) and injury to the bones (including fractures). It addresses both acute and chronic injuries.

It has had a long association with Chinese martial arts – in China, martial arts masters were often doctors of Chinese medicine. Since there is a high potential for injury in martial arts training, these guys became experienced at treating a wide range of “sports injuries”. As a result they became known in their communities as “bone doctors” and were sought out for treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

Bob has used Chinese sports medicine to treat acute muscle, tendon and ligament injury, pain and swelling, chronic tendonitis, chronic joint pain, restriction of range of motion of joints, frozen shoulder, non-healing bone fracture including spinal fracture.

Acupuncture for sports injuries, Charlottesville VA