Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Bring out your inner beauty

Chinese medicine, like many cultures, considers beauty to come from the inside out.  This is usually understood to be mental, emotional and spiritual well-being radiating from inside someone. We have all seen this in people who are happy, grateful, have peace and are a joy to be around, and we tend to find them naturally beautiful. Chinese medicine also makes a direct connection between one’s state of health and one’s facial appearance.  For example, it is known that tension, subtle digestive inefficiencies, circulation issues or wearing your body out all can produce slightly different types of wrinkles. This knowledge can be used to designa holistic and individualized treatment plan to help restore facial beauty naturally.

Facial rejuvination acupuncture, Charlottesville VA
While acupuncture is the most common method for helping to restore beauty in Chinese medicine, a complete treatment plan can also include herbs, dietary recommendations, facial massage, herbal facial masks and many other possible treatments. Each technique can in its own way help to restore health to restore beauty, or directly help to heal the face. It is known that acupuncture directly into wrinkles stimulates the release of chemicals that naturally cause those wrinkles to heal.

Results I have noticed: shallow wrinkles disappear completely; medium depth wrinkles reduced up to 90%; deep wrinkles up to 70% reduced.

What happens during facial rejuvenation appointments?

Your first visit will start with (1) an assessment of your overall health as it pertains to your facial appearance and (2) developing a treatment plan.  An herbal formula may be recommended and dietary advice given. There will also be time to start treatment. 

Treatments will usually start with a short facial massage to relax the facial muscles (and you!) and stimulate circulation.  Then acupuncture will be started, which will usually include facial and body points.  Very high quality, fine, smooth Japanese needles will be used to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow access to the lower arms and legs, and to the abdomen and back. Generally about 10 to 12 treatments are recommended.
In rare cases someone is very uncomfortable with needles.  If this is your case and you are still interested in natural facial rejuvenation, please contact us to find out how we can help you without using needles.